Gifts of Stock

First Presbyterian Church of Bend provides a convenient single page instruction for you to share with your broker for the donation of stock.  This is a simple and easy broker-to-broker exchange that electronically handles your donation from your financial assets manager directly to the account of the church.  It includes the account numbers for electronic transfer gifts.  Click the link below and give it to your broker with your instructions for your gifts:


Gifts of 401K Retirement Benefit Plans and IRAs

Similar to Gifts of Stock, noted above, First Presbyterian Church of Bend provides easy instructions for your financial institution to honor your directions for the donation of gifts from these resources.  Click here for the electronic account transfer instructions to share with your retirement advisor:


First Presbyterian Church of Bend Finance Director Boyd Levet is available, should you have any questions:  


Boyd Levet, Finance Director [email protected]  – 541 382 4401