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Stories of Hope, Healing & Purpose


Pictured above Reiki providers Elizabeth (Care Ministries Coordinator), Lorraine, Ruth, Robin and Ali. Fifteen years ago, September 11, 2001, Clara* was driving on the New Jersey turnpike when traffic came to a standstill and she watched a tower crumble to the ground. An EMT on the national register and a volunteer first responder with the […]

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“I was singing in the church choir–participating in choir has always been a part of my spiritual life–when the elders of the church decided people who were divorced could not sing in the choir or teach Sunday School.“ Evelyn, divorced at this time, felt the sting of this negative judgment for herself and friends at […]

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Dona Teresa

Yes, it’s true, we lived in one room, my two daughters, Josue, in one room, all of us. I had nerve issues, I was suffering from really bad headaches a lot, all through the day and night. Habitat gave me the credit to build this home and pay back little by little and this is […]

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My parents,  who are in Toronto Canada where I was born and raised, encouraged me to find a church. My dad found the music of the Praise Team and how it was similar to the praise band at my church in Toronto. I came and the first service I was at, I felt so welcome, [...] Continue Reading


Listening to the other caregivers and seeing their faith and strength despite periods when we might want to quit has given me the encouragement to carry on. The invited guests always bring in new insights and offer suggestions for continuing to love a family member even while the relationship changes due to the health of […]

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When our session came out with a new mission statement to create space, those words related very well to me. I thought about them and realized this was the action God took in creating out of a formless void a space for us that we may have life and existence. So I thought along on [...] Continue Reading