The Deacons at our church are chosen by the members and ordained to fulfill a role of caring, love, compassion, and prayer. Our active Deacon corps is comprised of 11 individuals, each serving a 3-year term that starts in June.

The Deacons are responsible for 11 distinct areas of ministry, including health care, visits to those who are homebound, spiritual friendship, college ministry, medical equipment, food assistance, bereavement support, hospitality, community outreach, prayer support, medical needs for school-aged children, care for the homeless, and senior concerns.

Join us in celebrating and supporting the work of our Deacons as they strive to make a positive impact in our community.

Rev. Kally Elliot – Moderator 
Karen Brower
Larry Corbin
Paul Flanagan 
Susan Hood
Jan Meredith 
Cheryl Olson
Jose Phillips
Susan Preble
Susan Schuck
Sheryl Snapp
MaryAnn Southam
Martha Truell