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A Spacious Christianity is now available as an audio podcast.

Do you have a smart speaker?  Try asking…

  • Alexa, listen to the latest episode of A Spacious Christianity” 
  • Hey Google, listen to A Spacious Christianity
  • Hey Siri, listen to the latest episode of A Spacious Christianity”

Frequent Questions

What are Podcasts?

If you haven’t discovered podcasts yet, let’s just say welcome to a whole new way of listening to audio!  Even though it’s new, it should feel familiar.  In fact, podcasts are a lot like radio.

Why a Podcast?

Podcasts are an active and portable companion, perfect for many activities such as driving, walking, running, working with your hands, puttering around the house or the workshop. A podcast is even perfect for a few minutes of peace with a pair of headphones.

You are busy, right?  Podcasts are flexible. Subscribe and they pop into your queue. You control when and where you listen.  Binge listen to 10 episodes in one week, or skip a week or three.

How to Start?

The first step to listening to podcasts is to find a player you like.  Podcast players come in so many forms.  There are tablet or phone apps, smart TVs, smart speakers, smart car radios… in fact, just about anything a store might call “smart”.

Of course, you can listen, but you can also help by subscribing, rating, and reviewing the A Spacious Christianity podcast wherever you listen.  And a podcast is perfect for sharing.  This will help let others know that this is a pretty good podcast.

The easiest?  Listen to the Podcast by Telephone 

Lastly, do you have a POTS (plain old telephone system)?  Yes, you can listen to our podcast now using your phone.  Just call 541-231-9852 to listen.

Join us as we gather to worship, share and be challenged to create spaces of grace with the First Presbyterian Church of Bend’s Weekly podcast, A Spacious Christianity.