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About Brave of Heart

Music has a profound impact in our spiritual life and reaches our soul in ways words alone cannot. Whether it is singing traditional hymns or contemporary songs, music is an essential part of our worship experience. Music shared during services acts as a reflection and amplification of our devotion and emotions, elevating our prayer and a unified communal experience.

Maybe our services are not your typical Presbyterian Church experience, but they are not merely a laser light show either. Here, leaders strive to offer a contemporary and modern twist to traditional church, including words and ideas from sermons in a mix of new and old songs. A talented band and vocalists come together weekly to create an experience that reaches both those who grew up with the Beatles and those who love traditional hymns.

We believe that music plays a critical role in our spiritual journey. Music allows us to fully immerse ourselves in worship, bringing our hearts, minds, and voices together to God. The songs we sing as one serve the message, whether they are recent or traditional, echoing the theme of every service. Our musical offerings bring richness and depth to the spiritual time together and help create a meaningful connection with the divine.

Join with us to live the connection of God's people, words, and music in worship. Lift your own voice with others. Come curious and open. Let us sing together, open to God's story and your place in it.

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