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About Julie Cash

I am at First Presbyterian because my family felt so at home when we first attended over 10 years ago that we didn’t leave, even with the commute from Sisters. The caring spirit of this beautiful community is an amazing thing. When the opportunity presented itself to move into the role of a Music Director, I happily accepted. Being able to give back to a community that has given so much to me and my family is a blessing. I love being a part of Sunday worship!

Prior to taking on the job here at First Presbyterian, I volunteered as a vocalist for the Praise Team in addition to leading Children’s Choir. I currently also work in the Sisters School District as a Music Instructional Assistant and accompanist. I studied voice and trombone at Lewis and Clark College and taught choir in a Portland middle school before spending a number of years at home to raise three boys.

My favorite way to relax is to spend time at the coast. I find it majestic and powerful, yet calming. I always feel closer to God there. I really enjoy seafood, particularly oysters and crab- oh, and cheese! I also enjoy attending concerts with my husband Brian, cooking and tea time with friends.

Music has been a passion of mine since childhood; growing up with musicians on both sides of my family. Music as part of worship has always been the center of that experience. I learned to sing harmony sitting in the pews with hymnal in hand. My mother was a piano teacher and accompanist for many groups, her father an organist that also played a mean accordian. My father played guitar and had a beautiful singing voice as did both his brother and sister. I knew from a very early age that music would be my career of choice.

My approach to music is simple: it is all connected. Regardless of genre, volume or instrumentation it bonds us to each other and to the Creator. When humans sing together, through unified breath, their heartbeats slow and align. What a beautiful gift of unity!

Moving forward through our shared experience of these last months we have the opportunity to work together to create new connections. As we enter into a new chapter in music at First Presbyterian it would be a perfect time to consider trying out one of our musical opportunities to build new connections.

Brave of Heart, our worship band, welcomes both vocalists and instrumentalists. Familiarity with or ability to learn to read chord charts is important. Music reading is a plus. Participants rotate on a weekly basis to rehearse and provide music for services. Commitments are a two hour weekly Thursday rehearsal and an early Sunday morning rehearsal prior to service time. If you are interested in joining, we can arrange for you to audit a rehearsal and then join us to play or sing for additional rehearsals to see if it is a good fit for you.

The Chancel Choir is our vocal ensemble for men and women of high school age and beyond. We sing works from varied genres in unison as well as in parts. The ability to read music is very helpful for this group, but more important is the desire and willingness to learn. The choir meets Wednesday evening for rehearsal and has a warm-up rehearsal prior to Sunday service.

Both groups serve as a way to provide the congregation with a way to worship deeper through music. Through members sharing fellowship, prayers, concerns and joys, the groups also minister to those participating. Making music in itself can provide its own form of worship.

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