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See & Engage

Getting involved is about seeing and responding to a need. It’s about wanting to make a difference, discovering a passion and putting that passion into action. At First Presbyterian, we thrive when we are sharing the love of God with others. We believe each person is called to bless this world and we want to partner with you in living out your calling within the walls of First Presbyterian, locally in Central Oregon and with people around the world. To get involved is simple, contact us and begin the conversation, [email protected].

Our Mission

Creating spaces of grace to cultivate hope, healing and purpose.


  • Accepting and honoring people as they are.
  • Nurturing each individual’s God-given purpose and call to serve.
  • Embodying the pioneering spirit of Central Oregon.
  • Connecting in a caring community.
Some commitments that our community holds.
  • We are committed to the way of wisdom and practice in the footsteps of Jesus.
  • We believe encounter with “the other” (God, individuals, cultures, nature) is the primary path to transformation.
  • We invite all to join us in the path of Jesus in which the outer and inner selves are integrated and we grow into wholeness in body, mind and spirit.
  • The Jewish and Christian scriptures are the centuries-old paths that lead us into the universal love of God.
  • We yearn and work for a just and whole earth.
  • We welcome questions, believing they lead us to delight in the larger Mystery that draws us into a future that is more than we can ask or imagine.