Estate Gifts

Many members and friends of the First Presbyterian Church of Bend extend their financial support in perpetuity for the future generations through a legacy gift in their wills, trusts or estate plans. These are invested and managed for ministry distribution by the First Presbyterian Church of Bend Investment Foundation. Distributions to ministries as directed by the donor, provide annual funds for ministry work, while also sustaining and managing the core gift into the future. These represent lasting gifts through careful stewardship by the Foundation, playing a key role in the strength of ministry through the church.


For Information, Contact on of the following:

Howard Hall, Treasurer of FPC Foundation [email protected]

Brenda Simpson, President of the FPC Foundation [email protected]

Boyd Levet, FPC Finance Director, [email protected]

FPC Church Office, 541 382 4401


Planned Giving

Churches, like many non-profits, are the grateful recipients of generous donations of “Planned Giving” gifts. These may include Charitable Remainder Trusts and related. Working with their financial advisors, donors have granted such gifts, that may provide financial income to the donor while setting in place a gift that comes to the church after the donor has deceased. Contact your financial advisor for more information on the varied options of “Planned Giving” that can benefit the ministries of the congregation through First Presbyterian Church of Bend.


-Boyd Levet, Finance Director