Many members and friends of First Presbyterian extend their financial support in perpetuity to future generations through a Legacy Gift in their wills, trusts, or estate plans, or with other types of life income or outright gifts. All Legacy Gifts are invested in the First Presbyterian Endowment, an important source of revenue for the operating, capital, and program budgets. Because of Legacy Gifts, First Presbyterian’s ability to fulfill its mission is greatly enhanced.

Many members and friends of First Presbyterian Bend make a lasting gift of gratitude through their estate. With the Legacy of Gratitude Program, we encourage members to respond to God’s grace with gratitude, help sustain the mission of First Presbyterian, and create a legacy with a gift that reflects deeply held values. First Presbyterian’s endowment is the result of a tradition of careful stewardship of generous Legacy Gifts over nearly 100 years. It plays a key role in supporting the church’s mission and activities. First Presbyterian members and friends who have made plans for a Legacy gift become members of the Legacy Circle.

A Legacy Gift most commonly takes the form of a simple bequest in a will that costs nothing during one’s lifetime but benefits First Presbyterian at the death of the donor. It may also take the form of an annuity that pays life income, an insurance policy, trust, or a gift of stock or property. A Legacy Gift can be of any size, and often has significant tax benefits for the donor and heirs. It can be structured to benefit the donor or First Presbyterian during the donor’s lifetime, or to benefit First Presbyterian at the donor’s death.

Types of Legacy Gifts

Bequest in your will

A bequest is the simplest and most common type of Legacy Gift. Download sample language for a bequest here or see the language at the bottom of this page.

Charitable Gift Annuity*

A gift of $10,000 or more is invested and the donor receives a guaranteed payment for life based on the donor’s age at time of gift.


An existing or a new insurance policy may be donated.

401K Retirement Benefit Plans and IRAs

Benefit plans and IRAs donated to Westminster may provide important tax savings to the donor.

Stocks, bonds, real estate, and property

Property that has appreciated allows a tax deduction for the current market value without incurring tax on the capital gain.

*Gift plans that pay life income are usually administered for Westminster Church by the Presbyterian Church (USA) Foundation.

To create your own legacy of gratitude:

> Contact xx, Director of Stewardship, xxx xxx xxxx or complete the Legacy Commitment Confirmation Form and return it to xx, First Presbyterian Legacy Program, 230 NE Ninth Street, Bend OR 97702

> If you already have a Legacy Gift in place, please confirm in writing with the Legacy Commitment Confirmation Form, and inform xx so that we may thank you and include you in the Legacy Circle.

Legacy Committee

Betty Bullis, President
Kit Carmiencke
Laura Jo Gildersleeve
Ralph Litchfield, Secretary
Charles Mackdanz, Treasurer
Bill Moore
David Osgood
Brenda Simpson
Oscar Sorlie

Bequest language

These words may be used by your attorney for inclusion in your will. Click for printable version to take to your attorney. Note: Members are advised to consult with their own attorney or tax advisor for all financial planning decisions: “I give and bequeath to First Presbyterian Bend at 230 NE Ninth Street, Bend, OR the sum of $____ or ___ percent of my remaining estate for First Presbyterian Church’s Endowment Fund. First Presbyterian’s Federal Tax Identification Number is xx-xxxxxxx.”