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About A Spacious Christmas, and the Advent Season

Be reminded of and celebrate the light of this Christmas Season by joining us on Christmas Eve.

A Christmas Prayer

We celebrate the birthday of Jesus on Christmas. Jesus gives us his own Christmas gift wish list, and none of it comes from a store.  Jesus says that whatever we do for the least of our brothers and sisters, we do for him.

Jesus said when we offer certain gifts to those in need, it is like offering those gifts to him. Food for the hungry, care for the sick, drink for those who are thirsty, hospitality for strangers, compassion for those imprisoned in body or mind.

First Presbyterian Church of Bend exists to serve Jesus, by serving those in need.  Bringing love and compassion hope and healing where and when it is needed the most. Your generosity, makes it possible for us to be generous in love.

We honor the Christ child with our gifts, doing all that we can to love and serve the least of our brothers and sisters.

Watch again, 2020 Excerpts of Christmas Eve at First Presbyterian Church of Bend: