Please note that beginning February 25th, we will be changing our airing times. First, we will be going to a 30 minute service and adding KTVZ/NBC to our list of available channels. The CW channel has just announced to us that there will be 14 Sundays in which our service will be preempted due to LIV Golf. We will announce those dates the week prior.

Here is the updated schedule for a normal week of airings:

CW/NTVZ: 11-11:30am

CW/NTVZ: Mondays 1-130P

CW/NTVZ: Thursdays 1-130P

NBC/KTVZ: Saturdays: The next 4 Saturdays, 6/17 – 7/8 , there will be a disruption to the 5-530P airing of First Presbyterian’s Service due to various Network Sports.  Therefore, FPC will be upgraded to primetime at 8pm, or immediately following Network coverage.

Preemptive Dates for Sunday Mornings on CW/NTVZ :
February 25th – 7:30am
March 19th – 7:30am
April 2nd- 7:30am
April 23rd – 7:30am
May 14th – 7:30am
May 28th – 7:30am
July 2nd – 7:30am
July 9th – 7:30am
August 6th – 7:30am
August 13th – 7:30am
September 24th – 7:30am
October 22nd – 7:30am
November 5th – 7:30am

Please bear with us as we navigate this new schedule. Thank you.