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About San Lucas Toliman (SLT) Scholars Program

Our Guatemala outreach includes working with the SLT Scholars program. The government just provides free education through the sixth grade. Our goal is to see that every eligible child in the San Lucas Toliman area has the opportunity to continue their education at least through junior high (7 – 9th grades). Members and friends of First Presbyterian Church are currently sponsoring about 175 students. Our Frequently Answered Questions provide information on how to sponsor a student.

Members and friends of First Presbyterian have been working with the San Lucas Toliman Scholars program since 2011. The government of Guatemala only provides free education through the sixth grade. Our goal is to see that every eligible child in the San Lucas Toliman area has the opportunity to continue their education at least through junior high (7 – 9th grades). The cost of sponsoring a junior high student is $250 per year and we ask for a 3-year commitment to get them through the 7th, 8th and 9thgrades.


Our goal is to learn as much as we can about our students and the education system, as well as the small Mayan craft industries found in the area. We’ll spend time with our students and have the opportunity to visit some sponsored students in their home; visit and interact with students in elementary, junior high and senior high classrooms; hear presentations by graduates of the program who are making substantial contributions in their community, and share meals and school visits with Dennis Evans, the Program Director and Rita Chajil de Sicay, the Program Manager. In addition, we will visit two other towns around Lake Atitlan and spend time with the Mayan weavers and basket makers there as well as visit a number of small Mayan industries in San Lucas Toliman. There will also be time for exploring San Lucas on your own. The last two days will be free time for exploring Antiqua, the beautiful, ancient capital of Guatemala. Some participants opt to go early or stay later to see more of the country.

How to Become a Sponsor

If you would like to become a sponsor you can find information at:, Justice & Outreach, International Outreach, San Lucas Toliman Scholars.

For additional information and/or to register for the trip contact:
Dave Osgood, 541-593-7351, cell 541-390-1103 or [email protected]
Judy Osgood, 541-593-7351, cell 541-419-0553 or [email protected]
Mary Wonser, 503-616-1491 or [email protected]

Estimated Cost

$ 1,200 plus airfare, double occupancy rate. For those requesting a private roomthe single occupancy rate is $1,400 plus airfare. Trip participants book their own tickets to Guatemala so they can use their airline of choice. The $1,200 or $1,400 fee includes lodging, all meals (except 2 lunches), land transportation, and an emergency insurance policy. It does not cover spending money or personal expenses like laundry, souvenirs, or optional beverages. While the cost is listed as estimated, we do not anticipate an increase unless there is a substantial increase in both land transportation and lodging.


Deposit – $400 due with registration. Remainder due January 23, 2017. While the deposit is non-refundable, it can be transferred to the 2018 trip in the case of an emergency.

Travel Grant

Some limited travel grant funds may be available. For information contact at Deb Klotz at 541-385-3109 or email [email protected].

Maximum age

No maximum age, but physical fitness can be a factor.


Typically beautiful warm days – evenings can be quite cool. Rain is unlikely.

Questions to help you evaluate if this is an appropriate trip for you.

  • Can you climb 2 flights of stairs without assistance?
  • Can you walk up to a quarter mile over rough cobblestone streets or uneven terrain without assistance?
  • Do you have any physical limitations that require you to lie down to rest during the day?
  • Can you tolerate using primitive bathrooms if no other options are available?
  • Are you willing to be flexible about your diet and try new foods? (Please note: a vegan diet is not an available option)
  • Are there any medical reasons why you should not spend a week at an elevation of 5,000+ feet.

If your answer to any questions numbered 1 through 5 is no, we recommend that you discuss them with the trip leader to determine whether or not this is an appropriate trip for you to take. If your answer to question #6 is yes, please discuss this with your doctor before registering.