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About Pandemic Partners

Pandemic Partners started of course in response to realizing coronavirus would be a reality for us here in the United States about mid-March of 2020. It kind of came out of a desire to not just worry about what happens to worship on Sundays, but how do we continue to be a presence of love and to serve our neighbors. And kind of on a whim I thought, maybe if we start a Facebook group where people can connect and help each other, that could be kind of a cool platform. And so Pandemic Partners was born, and it was this really simple premise of, if you need help, make a post and ask for help. And if you can help, comment and connect with that person in a safe way and help them out.

I couldn't really believe the way that we kind of grew overnight—3,000 people joined this movement of kindness in the first 24 hours, I think. And a year later, we have about 12,000 members that are continuing to just practice this radical kindness toward their neighbors. And we started to call it "crowdsourcing kindness," where someone can ask, and you know, we can't fix huge systemic issues, but we can do what neighbors are meant to do and look out for each other.

Hear more about Pandemic Partners from coordinator Morgan Schmidt:

The COVID pandemic has highlighted things that have kind of been in the mix in our community for a very long time—pandemics of poverty, epidemics of racism along with climate change and it’s effects on our local region.