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About Children & Families

OUR GREATEST HOPE is for families and children to radically flourish and experience wholeness in every area of their lives.


Children are such a vital part of our community. Often, we hear the reason behind investing in the faith of our children is that they are the “future of the church”, but we know this isn’t just about the future of the church – it is about the present and future lives of our children. We are committed to helping them experience God and to know how much they are loved by both God and their faith community.

SEEN & HEARD - Children are seen, heard, known & accepted for their authentic selves. Their questions and insights are taken seriously and we affirm their faith as meaningful and real.

SPACIOUS CHRISTIANITY -  Children are invited into spaces of grace, where their wonder is encouraged as they explore Scripture through story and encounter Jesus Christ.

PLAY & REST - Joy, laughter and rest are vital to our well-being and spiritual formation. Play is essential to children’s development and we value the joy and playfulness they invite us adults into, as well.

SAFE SPACES - We extend Jesus’ love to our families and children by taking every aspect of their well-being seriously. We keep them safe by providing a highly visible and warm space designed with them in mind first. Our teachers and volunteers are all required to go through training and receive a background check every 3 years. We are not here to indoctrinate children with black and white answers, but rather our programmed time is based around “wondering” together through the Scriptures and instilling in them an understanding that they are loved by God and their life means more than they could ever know.

EQUIPPING FAMILIES - Faith is caught more than taught and when families are given the tools, resources, and support to help foster spiritual development in their own families, we see the greatest potential for growth and wholeness in their lives to take place.

BUILDING HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS - We invite everyone to linger and mingle with one another on Sunday morning after service. Outside of Sunday morning, we also try to create opportunities for families to get to know one another in different contexts.




  • Children are always welcome to stay in the worship service with their families. There is a children’s area near the front-right of the sanctuary, where coloring and other quiet activities are provided. This is intentionally placed in the front so that children can see what is happening and engage with the service. Please plan to sit with or in the pews near your child in this area.

  • There is a children’s chapel at the back of the sanctuary that is available for parents and their children who prefer a more private space to experience worship.


  • Nursery care is available during worship. It is down the hall, past the stairs on the right. Nursery care is provided Sunday, mornings and for Tap Sunday evenings. We welcome children from birth through 4 years of age. Sunday mornings we offer an age appropriate time of singing, Bible lesson and other activities along with lots of playtime.


  • Children age Pre-K through 5th grade wishing to attend class during service will begin in worship with their families and invited to leave after the children’s blessing to go to class across the hall in the Wonder Room. At this time, we split the class into two groups, pre-k through 2nd grade and 3rd through 5th

    Please plan on picking your child up after service. The Wonder Room remains open during coffee hour for children to play or finish working on any projects while you visit.

  • The first Sunday of the month we celebrate communion. Children are brought back into service for communion.

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