First Presbyterian Church Room Use Request Form

Please complete all lines on this request form.

The office manager will do everything possible to book your request.




Your meeting date(s):____________________________________________________


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Name of group:           ___________________________________________________


Number of anticipated participants: ________________________________________


Briefly describe room set-up needs:



Please sketch relevant table, chair and furniture set-up.  Use the back of this form → .


Childcare requested: ______Yes      ______No


Responsible leader of the meeting:__________________________________________


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Alternate leader of the meeting:_____________________________________________


Phone: ______________________________________________________________


Email address:_________________________________________________________

It is important to include the name of an alternate, so we have someone to contact if we can’t reach you.  The room reservations manager will contact you or your alternate to confirm or reschedule your request.  If you have any questions, feel free to call Sherry Smith at 541.382.4401 or email [email protected].