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After growing up in San Diego and graduating from the University of California, Davis, my husband Bryce and I discerned I should attend seminary at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, GA, as we felt it was a good fit and an opportunity to experience the southeast. Both of us thought we would move back to the west coast upon my graduation from seminary, but instead I was called to be the Campus Minister and Director of the Presbyterian Campus Ministry at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Working with college students shaped the way I continue to engage in ministry, believing ministry should be relational and often mutual. You spend time with people, listen to their stories, share your own, eat a lot of meals together, and just do life with them. My favorite part of college ministry was when a student would come to me with a deep and wondering question, and I got to sit with her as she struggled with a faith that was being cracked open and ultimately strengthened. After 11 years in Knoxville I was called to pastor a church and start a new worshiping community in Long Island.

Moving to Long Island was a cultural shock for me and for my family after living in the bible-belt South for so long. Innovative ministry is a must in Long Island if you have a chance of sharing good news with people. In our time in Long Island, I served as the solo pastor for two congregations while also planting Glenwood Table, a new worshiping community based on sharing various spiritual practices.

Bryce and I have four kids: Rylan (16), Spencer (13), Kellen (11), and Eve (7). Most of my “free” time is spent driving my kids to various activities, cheering at basketball or lacrosse games, doing laundry, running and working out, going to the grocery store, learning to play the guitar, meeting friends for coffee, going back to the grocery store – and doing more laundry. Bryce and I also like to sneak out for date nights or have friends over as often as possible.

Three and a half years ago my mother and step-father moved to Bend, OR, and I quickly took to the internet to peruse the church scene in their new town for them. I was immediately taken with the “Spacious Christianity” theme that popped up as soon as Google recognized my key words, “Presbyterian” “Bend” “Oregon,” and I found myself reading the entire First Presbyterian Church website. I have been interested in the ministry you all are doing in Bend since my first interaction with your website. I am looking forward to getting to know each of you and learning how I might walk alongside you as we continue to create a community of healing, grace and good news.


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