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About Boyd Levet

Kay and I moved to the Oregon Outback in 2004, began building our home outside Sisters and immediately found our faith community here at First Presbyterian Bend.  I had retired as an executive with a Fortune 1000 Internet media company and was soon approached by First Presbyterian’s Personnel Committee to consider the Church Administrator position and Organist role.  It was all a natural fit with both my business and music skills, passions and skills.  I felt God was calling and retirement was a more distant topic in my life. The Church Admin role commenced at around the time of the calling of Steven Koski and our journeys together have been enriched by participating in the growth and vitalization of extraordinary ministries.  In June of 2013 I retired again, this time from the full-time Church Administrator and the Organist position, allowing for more time to share with Kay and our family. I continue to audit and manage First Presbyterian’s income and expenses, auditing, check coding and signature requirements, while maintaining the high standards of a locked-down Accounting Policies and Procedures practices.  It’s a perfect calling to come to the church Tuesdays and Thursdays on a part-time basis to maintain the standards of financial practices here.

We have expanded our world travels and investments of time with our large family.  Since we moved to the Oregon Outback, all our family visit regularly for long periods of time, for which we are very grateful.  They love it here too!  While in Europe, I’m privileged to continue to play fantastic organs, and back at home in Oregon I’m often found substituting for organists on vacation.  What a gift!
My own history in church service includes terms on the church Session at First Presbyterian in Portland, organist on pipe organs and financial management along the way.  It’s very exciting to offer focus and steadiness to financial accounting in the life of FPC Bend.  It began many years ago when I chaired the national Presbyterian Church General Assembly Finance Committee, served on the General Assembly Mission Council and served as a commissioner to General Assembly.  I’ve served as national president of United Presbyterian Men, led a peace mission of the National Council of Churches to Northern Ireland, and served the Presbytery of the Cascades as Moderator of Presbytery.  Through the years I’ve led capital campaigns for churches and other not-for-profit institutions.  Planned giving is a real passion and a significant opportunity for churches.  It’s just a great privilege to work in the midst of a congregation where generosity is a significant trait and practice.

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