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About Your Church Library

The church library provides a wide selection of resources for persons of all ages and supports all ministries of the church.

The collection is intended to encourage all to use the resources for their study and spiritual development; in living their faith in the community and world today; in serving effectively in the life of the congregation and in the wholesome use of leisure time for enrichment of their lives.

The library is open available for the browsing and checking out of books Monday – Thursday, 8:30a – 4:30p when the church office is open. Of course, Sunday mornings is also a good time to peruse and check-out. All are welcome to use and borrow, using a self-service check-out system. Instructions are at the library counter. Pocket cards are filled out with name, phone number and due date, which is posted, for a 3-week check-out. Hold slips are available if the resource is not found on the shelf.

Computer Library Catalog (OPAC) is available for searches. Our collection is organized using the Dewey Decimal System and arranged as such on the shelves, just like in the public library. A substantial number of our books are in the 200 category since this is the number assigned to the subject religion. Biographies are arranged alphabetically by the name of the person the book is about. Fiction are shelved by author.

For our young readers we have a juvenile section designated by the letter J and the letter E is used for picture books. Other resources include a Reference section, DVDs and videos, Periodicals, The Thoughtful Christian (TTC) study guides, and scrapbooks of our church history.