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About Your Church Library

The church library is a vital resource for members of the congregation and the community, providing a wide range of materials to support and encourage spiritual growth, study and reflection. With access to books, videos, audio recordings and other materials covering a variety of topics related to faith, religion and spirituality, the library is designed to help individuals deepen their understanding and connection to God.

One of the key strengths of the library is its extensive collection of books, ranging from classic works of theology to contemporary books on spiritual growth and development. Whether you are looking to deepen your knowledge of the Bible, explore different perspectives on spirituality or learn more about the history and traditions of the Christian faith, the library has something for everyone.

In addition to books, the library also has direct access to an extensive collection of videos, including documentaries, worship services, and educational presentations. These resources provide an excellent way to learn more about the faith and deepen your spiritual life, and are also an excellent way to share the love of God with others.

The library is open and available for the browsing and checking out of books Monday – Thursday, 8:30a – 4:30p when the church office is open. Of course, Sunday mornings is also a good time to peruse and check-out. All are welcome to use and borrow, using a self-service check-out system. Instructions are at the library counter. Pocket cards are filled out with name, phone number and due date, which is posted, for a 3-week check-out. Hold slips are available if the resource is not found on the shelf.

Computer Library Catalog (OPAC) is available for searches. Our collection is organized using the Dewey Decimal System and arranged as such on the shelves, just like in the public library. A substantial number of our books are in the 200 category since this is the number assigned to the subject religion. Biographies are arranged alphabetically by the name of the person the book is about. Fiction are shelved by author.

For our young readers we have a juvenile section designated by the letter J and the letter E is used for picture books. Other resources include a Reference section, DVDs and videos, Periodicals, The Thoughtful Christian (TTC) study guides, and scrapbooks of our church history.

The library also provides access to audio recordings of sermons, lectures and talks by leading pastors, theologians and authors. These resources provide a wealth of insight and wisdom, and can help individuals to better understand their faith and grow in their spiritual journey.

Another key aspect of the library is its support for all of the ministries of the church. From youth groups and Sunday school classes, to adult study groups and mission trips, the library provides resources and materials to help individuals connect with their faith and live out their beliefs in meaningful and impactful ways.

Finally, the church library is also a place of refuge and peace, where individuals can escape the distractions and noise of the world and connect with the Divine. With a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere, the library is an ideal place to reflect, pray and meditate, and to find the strength and inspiration to face life’s challenges with grace and hope.

In conclusion, the church library is much more than a collection of books and resources. It is a dynamic, living space that supports and encourages spiritual growth, provides opportunities for learning and reflection, and fosters a deep connection to God and to one another.

If you are looking for a place to deepen your spiritual life, explore your faith, and connect with others who share your beliefs, we invite you to visit our library and discover the many resources and opportunities it has to offer.