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About Quilts, Prayer Shawls and Firewood

A warm bed. A warm shelter. A warm hug.

Warmth is physical and emotional. It is necessary to weather the storms of life whether they be clouds in the sky or struggles in life. A warm presence brings hope.

We seek to be a community that pays attention to those who are cold and in need of comfort. A quilt for a frightened child. A fire for the family who struggles to pay their electric bill.  A cozy shawl for someone facing a difficult diagnosis. These are significant expressions of God’s love in the times when people need it the most.

Prayer Shawls

For approximately 8 years knitters have been making prayer shawls to provide peace and hope to whomever receives them. About 15 knitters make 75 prayer shawls each year giving them to the Chaplains at St. Charles to use at their discretion, to those moving from Bend and First Presbyterian and a supply is kept at First Presbyterian and given by our Care Coordinator, Elizabeth Stephan when there is a need. Graduating high school seniors also receive shawls and the shawls we have today will find new homes with graduating seniors. Several women knit shawls in their homes while half a dozen or more gather every Thursday at First Presbyterian knitting a simple pattern of knit 3 purl 3.

“May God’s grace be upon this shawl; warming, comforting, enfolding and embracing. May this mantel be a safe haven, sustaining and embracing in good times as well as difficult ones. May the one who receives this shwl be cradled in hope, kept in joy, graced with peace and wrapped in love.”
~the prayer blessing attached to every prayer shawl
Contact Deb Klotz @ [email protected].


For more than 25 years the quilting ministry of First Presbyterian has been providing comfort through the gift of a quilt. Each Thursday from 9:00am to 2:30pm several women are making quilts and sharing stories. They make 3 to 4 quilts each week producing more than 100 quilts each year. The quilts are given at baptisms and find homes all around Central Oregon and the world. They are given to agencies like J Bar J, Red Cross, Kids Center and Bend Area Habitat For Humanity for these folks to give when they find someone in need of comfort. Contact Betty Armer @ [email protected].


The ministry of providing firewood began in the ‘90’s and has taken on a new life as of the fall of 2014. First Presbyterian, Nativity Lutheran and volunteers from New Hope have partnered and created a thriving wood ministry that serves 20 to 30 families and individuals weekly. Every Saturday between 9:00am and noon, approximately 30 volunteers from Nativity Lutheran, New Hope and First Presbyterian work at the Nativity Lutheran woodlot cutting, splitting and loading wood for individuals and families in need of wood to heat their homes and camps. During the winter months, these volunteers help 20 to 30 people receive a half cord of wood while the recipients work alongside the volunteers helping to load and process the wood and also donate $20 and/or volunteer their time to the woodlot. Contact Rhonda Chesney @ [email protected].