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About Grandparent Support Groups

Are you missing your grandchildren? Do you have concerns about their mental and spiritual  health? Has Covid, the war in Ukraine, and climate change left you feeling bereft and unsure of how to cope? Do you wonder how to love and offer hope to your children and grandchildren? Do you worry when the news states: “Our Kids Are Not OK.” You are not alone.

Come join the grandparent support group!

Our group will be led by Pam Mitchell, MFA, RN. Pam has led groups as a psychiatric nurse, including co-founding the Spirituality Group on the mental health unit at St. Charles Medical Center. She is a poet and former seminarian, and is also Nana to 4 grandkids, her greatest blessing! Pam is a firm believer that we have gained wisdom in these elder years, and it is a beautiful experience to share that wisdom. Often the smallest creative ideas, can deepen our faith and ability to love and support our grandchildren. It can be a sensitive area, if families are not “religious.”

Pam often contemplates her own Nana, with whom she was very close. As a child her nana’s faith system was not the same as hers. Yet she always felt deeply loved and supported, without ever having been “preached” to, or even able to attend her nana’s church, until her funeral! So, the question reigns: how did Nana do it?! Let’s get together and explore it.

We’ll create a Circle of Trust and open with a prayer, share our stories and concerns, as well as offer support. We will also look at how our faith speaks to us in these troubling times. Our sessions will end with 20 minutes of centering prayer.

The group will meet for 90 minutes on the first Wednesday of each month at 10:00 am starting September 7th, in the Prayer Room.

For information and/or to sign up contact Pam at [email protected].

  • Jane
    Posted: Jul 13, 2014
    Listening to the other caregivers and seeing their faith and strength despite periods when we might want to quit has given me the encouragement to carry on. The invited guests…