This Lent will mark the one year anniversary of when the world turned upside down. Our lives continue to get upended again and again. Again and again, we come to God with broken hearts and weary souls. We come to God in this season of Lent trusting God, again and again,comes to us first, no matter where we find ourselves.

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Devotional Description: “In the season of Lent, we’re reminded that, again and again, suffering and brokenness find us. We doubt again, we lament again, we mess up again. Again and again, the story of Jesus on the cross repeats—every time lives are taken unjustly, every time the powerful choose corruption and violence, every time individuals forget how to love. With exacerbation we exclaim, “Again?! How long, O God?” And yet, in the midst of the chaos of our lives, God offers a sacred refrain: “I choose you, I love you, I will lead you to repair.”

Again and again, God breaks the cycle and offers us a new way forward. In this season, we need rituals—both old and new—to remember and be transformed. Embodied practice builds muscle memory. Repetition helps retrain our neural pathways. We encourage you to walk through these weekly readings and prompts at your own pace throughout the season, following the rhythm that works best for you. May the art, reflections, and poetry strengthen and stretch you, shaping you into a more faithful disciple. This Lent, may God’s steadfast love cradle our laments. May God’s grace wash over our weariness. And may we bring all of who we are to God—trusting that God will meet us, time and again, along the way.”

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