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Our People


The Session is the primary decision making body at First Presbyterian. Made up of “elders”, the session is a group of spiritual leaders elected by the congregation. This leadership group works in partnership with the pastoral staff guiding the community to embody our mission and values in every part of who we are as a church.

Session Members

Debbie Barnes,debjimbarnes@gmail.com; Lloyd Brogan, lloydb53@gmail.com; Chris Hermeling, Clerk, [email protected]; Steven Hummel, [email protected]; James Jaggard, [email protected]; Jane Kirkpatrick, jane@jkbooks.com; Steven Koski, Lead Pastor, [email protected]; Deb Klotz, [email protected]; Mike Maidl, mhmaidl@hotmail.com; Kat Mastrangelo, [email protected]; Don Mercer, [email protected]; Lynda Paznokas, lpaz@bendnet.com; Joan Roane, joancroanemft@att.net; Cynthia Serra, craben73@gmail.com.


The Deacons are elected by the congregation and ordained into a ministry of caring, a ministry of love, a minstry of compassion and a ministry of prayer. Currently there are 11 deacons who have been elected and ordained by the congregation to serve rotating three year terms that begin in June each year. Each deacon is assigned to one of the 11 ministry areas: health care ministry, visitation to the homebound, spiritual friends ministry, college ministry, medical equipment, food ministry, bereavement ministry, hospitality ministry, community outreach, prayer ministry, medical needs for school children, care for the homeless and senior concerns.

The Deacons

Pixi Cook, [email protected]; Marilyn Feis, [email protected]; Marcia Houston, [email protected]; Marilyn Lakey, [email protected]; Sharon Lichti, slichti@bendcable.com; Phyllis Neumann, prn57@bendbroadband.com; Meredy Skillern, meredyskillern@gmail.com; Oscar Sorlie, [email protected]; Linda Sorum, lrsrnsorum@netscape.net; Gay Waldrop, [email protected].


Rev. Dr. Steven Koski

I am at First Presbyerian because I am crazy blessed to get to serve an extraordinary, loving, compassionate, brave, creative, mission-hearted, curious and fun community of faith. And for some reason they put up with me. Before working here I was cheering loudly for the Chicago Blackhawks. Oh yeah, I was also serving as Senior […]

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Morgan Schmidt

I’m at First Presbyterian because I’m amazed at the way this community is seeking to love our neighbors and community, how we’re contending for justice and dignity for all people, and how we are open to others to the point of revolutionary collaborations – through the Bend Youth Collective and beyond. I’ve been a youth […]

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Elizabeth Stephan

I am at First Presbyterian because it is a faith community that takes the path Jesus calls us to seriously. In the recognition of Jesus’ message to us that we are to love our neighbors as ourselves and to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength we are encouraged here to continue […]

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Lorraine Stuart

I am part of First Presbyterian because marriage brought me to Bend in 1985. I feel that I’ve been planted here to continue following the thread of God’s call in my life and I’m grateful for the opportunities in our church to serve as a volunteer along with a wonderful staff and congregation. it brings […]

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Mark Schmor

I’m at First Presbyterian because it is committed to being a welcoming community of hope and healing. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this church which has played such an important role in the local area for over a century. Before moving to the Bend area, I was completing studies at […]

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Eileen Heaton

I am at First Presbyterian to a call not quite as mystical as it may appear, I was asked to apply. I immediately felt there were possibilities for all kinds of personal growth and sharing years of musical passion, wisdom and fulfillment of the desire to be around others who, through music were seeking expression […]

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Marla Polenz

I’m at First Presbyterian because as unusual as it may be in our digitally connected world, I responded to an employment ad in the Bend Bulletin. Having been a full-time mom for nine years before discovering First Presbyterian, I never imagined my marketing and public relations career restarting at a church. But, the people, the […]

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Boyd Levet

Kay and I moved to the Oregon Outback in 2004, began building our home outside Sisters and immediately found our faith community here at First Presbyterian Bend.  I had retired as an executive with a Fortune 1000 Internet media company and was soon approached by First Presbyterian’s Personnel Committee to consider the Church Administrator position and […]

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Patrice Pease

In 2002 a friend told me about the Treasurer position opening at First Presbyterian Church.  The job was a perfect fit for me as I have worked in nonprofit organizations most of my career.  I have a bachelor of science in Business Administration with a major in Accounting and am a Certified Public Accountant.  I […]

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